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  1. I myself am thrilled with this change, because it always felt like the multiple-kudos thing was "cheating" my numbers, giving me no clear awareness of how many people had actually clicked the button, and zero correlation between multiple kudos and actually really liking my fic (someone who only mildly liked my fic, or who felt compelled to give kudos on every fic they read to the end, could end up leaving multiple kudos by accident due to this glitch, while those who really enjoyed my fic might never encounter that glitch). I prefer the more accurate data.

    That said, I would also like to see some ability to give "increased kudos" deliberately. I realize it's low-priority, but there are many times when I am thrilled with a new part of the story and try to click the kudos button only to find that I've already given my requisite kudos. Which always feels a bit like a letdown. On the plus side, it encourages me to express my appreciation in words (and how often have I seen comments that are variations on "I would give you more kudos but it won't let me!"? the comments section is clearly serving a useful purpose for that outlet, at the moment).

    Perhaps there could be something like an overall-kudos (one per fic) and a per-chapter or ranked kudos of some sort? I'm not really sure if we want to add ranking as a mechanic, as it could end up a negative thing (I like this fic a little and I love that fic a lot, and suddenly we have a new level of competition), but still, it's something we might find useful. Per-chapter would encourage authors to choose appropriate stopping points for their massive fics (as opposed to some fics I've seen that are 50,000+ words yet all in one installment), but then again, it's also applying an external pressure to conform to some semi-arbitrary limitation, which isn't so great for creativity. Still, being able to see which chapters pulled in the most kudos might actually be a useful mechanic for the author, and those who feel particularly motivated by kudos might find a mini-kudos feature to be additionally motivating.

    All of which is to say that I'm open to the idea of other methods, but I'm very much glad that the glitch is out of here.

    P.S. I hope that AO3 also figures out how to get rid of the multiple-inspirations glitch -- I've still got double or triple "Inspired By" links on my page and there's no way to get rid of them without bugging the person who accidentally tagged me twice somehow and might not be competent enough with the site to undo it or might even be gone from the site altogether, leaving that little annoyance on my wall for me to be mildly annoyed by every time I run past it. There's no reason to allow someone to tag a fic as "Inspired by" the same fic twice.

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