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  1. yeah, i figured, it was actually intended to show that -- like, you don't kudo or bookmark works you don't like, but technically you could leave a comment on something you don't like, though i'm not sure that's a productive use of anyone's time, except if the author specifically asked for criticism (and i'm assuming most authors would delete rude ones anyway.) and there's some lovely discussion going on in the comments sometimes, though i'm not sure how replies are counted :D so it's maybe not the most reliable way of sorting works. if you only want to read. it might come in handy if someone wanted to measure how active each fandom is, like, hits to comments (comments to hits?) ratio :D

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    1. blooming evening primrose

      Ah, I misunderstood! I read your first comment in the same vain as all the "when you want to leave more kudos you could just write a comment with 'kudos'/'I like this!' etc. Now, when I re-read it, I realized that wasn't what you meant :D

      And I actually have seen "wtf man" comments...

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