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  1. Fuzzy overlapping cat paws of adorableness

    In case you haven't been reading the comments, the duplicate kudos from a glitch are being removed because of a side effect of a fix needed so kudos well continue to work. The alternative is not being able to leave any kudos not keeping things the way they are.

    Also, no. Kudos are nice but if people can leave whatever number they want they stop meaning anything. A unethical writer could leave as many kudos for their own work they want or fans could artificially inflate their favourite authors or stories. The end result is random numbers based on how much effort individuals are willing to put in, not a reflection of the percent of readers who also leave kudos.

    Also most writers I've seen commenting on this issue are happy about it. They, in general, don't like a bunch of glitch kudos they can't be sure were left on purpose and they might not want at all.

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    1. I have been reading the comments, but not really feeling the need to respond. It's just different in my Fandom. The authors love all the extra love, as they've put it, and many times I've heard readers express difficulties with comment anxiety. So, I guess they just deal with it, but it still doesn't mean we have to like it, regardless of it being a glitch or not. And I know people have talked about other platforms being able to give only one like or heart or whatever, but I know I've heard about people wanting different buttons to express further likes, or dislikes, and whatnot.
      It's not that I don't understand, I'm not an idiot, it's that multiple kudos were the only way I could like a fic myself for a long time too. So, anyway.. What's done is done.

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