Comment on Upcoming changes to kudos

  1. Damn, it’d be nice to have a fix for all three. I have too many doubled up bookmarks, and I’m always worried that if I delete one, I’ll accidentally delete both.

    And yes, definitely a glitch. It copies all of the comment and tags, and is caused (mostly) by clicking a few too many times with laggy internet.

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    1. blooming evening primrose

      Don't worry, if you delete a duplicate, the other bookmark will still be there (same goes for duplicate subscription infos). :)

      For some time past, AO3 quite often creates duplicates when I subscribe to something, and the first time I noticed that, I was very wary of removing the duplicate. To be on the safe side, I opened the page I had subscribed to in an extra tab - to be able to re-subscribe in case the whole subscripition was cancelled instead of just removing the duplicate - but it turned out that only the subscription/bookmark info I intend to remove gets deleted, the other one stays untouched.

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