Comment on Upcoming changes to kudos

  1. Personally, while I do appreciate ppl leaving kudos on my work, I do appreciate comments even more, as the "kudos" simply tells me there was something about my story ppl enjoyed, but not what it was exactly, or how i can enhance my writing skills (or lack thereof).

    As for the multiple kudos being removed, I think reading AO3's own explanation that it makes sense as it was caused by a bug and unfair to the users overall.
    Being able to leave kudos per chapter instead of a work as a whole is also unfair to those who might have written 3 chapter vs those with over 50+ chapters,
    as the one with less chapters would only get 3 max from 1 user while the other story (for arguments sake let's say 70) would get 70 kudos worth total from 1 single user. How is that fair?

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