Comment on Upcoming changes to kudos

  1. I speak only for myself, but there are a few reasons why I have trouble commenting.

    One, the chapter itself just didn't leave an impact, or otherwise gave me reason to leave a comment. (for me) It can be very hard for something to leave an impression aside from 'OK/meh/etc'...and leaving a comment reflecting that would not be helpful at all for the writer.
    Second, I'm one of those that dislike the 'this is nice', 'love it' comments myself, so I am not going to be one to leave such comments. That said, on my own work I tolerate many of my works hardly get comments as is so I take what I can get...I just prefer the type of comments I can actually engage with.
    Third, what I wanted to say has been already been said by someone else (or multiple people) and I'd rather not add to the 'broken record' train.

    And as an aside...while Kudos have their place, to me they are a 'I like what I see so far' thing, they tell you nothing if the one that left it still likes the story later on.

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