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  1. ...why not just, not leave a kudos until you've finished reading?

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    1. Well, as I said, that’s what I plan to do in the future... wait until the end. But the reason why it’s a problem? As you can see in these comments, people are pretty possessive of their kudos. Some even want them by the chapter.

      And there are times when the feedback on your first chapter is what keeps you writing. Now, ideally people comment, but some can’t or won’t. The kudos are in place as an alternative way to encourage the writer.

      And few fics are posted that are already complete. So if you withhold kudos until the end, it can be months or years until you leave any. Some fics are never completed. So they’d get none at all.

      All because of writers who can’t be bothered to indicate what kind of fic they’re writing.

      I get that sometimes new things develop and tags change. It’s why I think we need the ability to remove kudos. I’m sure some of my past readers wish they could, lol.

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