Comment on Upcoming changes to kudos

  1. Not a coding volunteer, but basically the changes being made to the database structure can't happen if there is duplicate entries. An oversight in the past (probably the assumption that the app code wouldn't allow multiple kudos to be created) meant the SQL server wasn't checking if kudos were unique. Now the SQL server will check it. The SQL server also won't be happy about the existing duplicates. They're RecordNotUnique as well. So, they gotta go to perform the migration. The database server doesn't make exceptions, it does what the schema tells it, so that's why there can't be an exception.

    I agree some more technical details would be nice, but really people are worried too much about this. The amount that kudos are going to shift is likely NOT going to be noticed by most people. There will just be a small set of authors who have been kudos glitched by readers that will notice a drop. I really don't think the bug was easy enough to trigger for it to make a substantial dent.

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