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  1. Watercolour painting of a teacup on top of a stack of books.

    Personally, it's the first time I see fellow-minded people on the topic, so I'm especially glad to exchange with them.

    You and I travel in very different circles it seems. I've been seeing relentless "Kudos are the cancer that is destroying feedback" sentiments since the archive went live.

    Anyway, at the end of the day, AO3 isn't taking them away, and is planning to make leaving them more sustainable in the long run, so I'm a happy panda.

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    1. We do seem to be running in different circles indeed, mine is all about kudos.

      The team behind AO3 is working to make the site more sustainable in the long run, so yes, it's a good thing, regardless of one's opinion on kudos.

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