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    I haven't been on since they banned porn, but if I recall correctly, there was a way to favourite a story that did not involve commenting.

    I completely respect that there are varying opinions on the value of kudos. Some people would turn them off it they could, some people only use them. I think expressing opinions about how the site is used it great, but I also think respecting that people use the site differently, and that not everyone is going to use it in a way that you, personally, feel is the best and most meaningful is also really important.

    For me, as a writer in both small and high volume fandoms, I find that kudos ARE feedback. They literally mean "good job." I'm happy to get them. I'm also happy with comments that are 💕 and nothing else. I got a comment telling me I was an "awesome spinach child" a few months ago, and I liked getting that too. Don't know what it means, or what they liked about the fic, but it seemed quite positive.

    I think it's a discussion, but it's one we've had about this site a lot of times, and it always seems to be one that's about telling people off for not being the right kind of fan (plus offering unsolicited advice about how to deal with their mental health problems), and I don't especially find it new or useful. I think it's important to consider if ones comments are unintentionally disparaging other users or gatekeeping.

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    1. Yes, you can add a story to your favorite stories on ffnet, just like you can bookmark one on AO3 (and similarly, there is an alert system for both stories and authors on ffnet, just like there is the subscription system on AO3).

      Of course respecting everyone's opinions on how they use the site and how it could be changed is important. I hope I didn't come across as trying to talk over other people in this discussion. However, I do think that people frustrated by lack of feedback (or, more accurately, comments, no matter how detailed/lengthy) and (what appears as) the over-importance of kudos might also be using this post to voice their frustrations on the topic. Personally, it's the first time I see fellow-minded people on the topic, so I'm especially glad to exchange with them.

      I prefer comments, even a single 💖, to kudos. Between someone dropping various heart smileys on my fics and someone clicking on the kudos button, I will recognize the first one, memorize the username and think about it fondly, whereas the other one will fly off the radar. Of course, it's different for everyone, as our conversation shows. That "awesome spinach child" comment is pretty adorable, I agree on that.

      The question of comments vs kudos is a heated one. People should be careful not to overstep boundaries, but what might be perceived as aggressive by one might not be written as such by the other. Getting one's tone across on internet sometimes turns into a challenge.

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      1. Watercolour painting of a teacup on top of a stack of books.

        Personally, it's the first time I see fellow-minded people on the topic, so I'm especially glad to exchange with them.

        You and I travel in very different circles it seems. I've been seeing relentless "Kudos are the cancer that is destroying feedback" sentiments since the archive went live.

        Anyway, at the end of the day, AO3 isn't taking them away, and is planning to make leaving them more sustainable in the long run, so I'm a happy panda.

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        1. We do seem to be running in different circles indeed, mine is all about kudos.

          The team behind AO3 is working to make the site more sustainable in the long run, so yes, it's a good thing, regardless of one's opinion on kudos.

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