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  1. I'm not berating AO3. I am all for fixing glitches. I was simply pointing out why people may not feel comfortable commenting.

    You seem to have read a lot of subtext in my comment that simply does not exist.

    I appreciate your passion on this matter, however, I think you should really try to pay better attention to how you come off when speaking to people. I'm not sure if you meant to be harshly antagonistic and condescending in your reply, but you were. It was uncalled for and, frankly, quite rude. Which is not what AO3 is supposed to be about.

    You are also being unnecessarily dismissive of people with disabilities, which is also inappropriate and childish. Different people have different issues with their anxiety and it does not come with a convenient on/off switch, as you should know having it yourself. Having empathy doesn't cost a thing and a little goes a long way.

    I hope this is simply a one off for you & that if you are having a bad day or some sort of personal crisis that it improves so you no longer feel the need to lash out at strangers on the internet.

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    1. Add me to the count of users here who struggle with anxiety—but I didn’t think the comment was “harshly antagonistic” or “condescending” as you thought it to be. I didn’t even think it was “lashing out”. In fact, I thought your barb about “Having empathy doesn't cost a thing and a little goes a long way” and accusations about being “childish” and “unnecessarily dismissive about disabilities” were far more antagonistic. But that might be just me.

      The user above was asking a questions I thought of while reading this thread, and I’m sure many others have as well: how is it users in favor of extra kudos are too anxious to comment on stories they legitimately love but show up to argue against this change in kudos, sometimes repeatedly? I understand that anxiety manifests in illogical ways, but and yet I find myself continually thinking back to that question as I read comment after comment saying the same thing.

      I mentioned earlier that I struggle with anxiety, and I will admit that it often makes commenting difficult for me. So many times I’ve almost backed away from hitting the comment button because I feel like nothing I have to say could be worthwhile or could matter to the author. What possible use could my comment be?

      But then I remind myself how happy I am as a writer am to get comments, how anxious I feel about posting a new fic or a chapter to silence, and how bad I feel when it gets ignored. And I use that empathy to motivate myself to comment—I’ve loved this fic, and I want the author to know it. After all, if I were the author, I’d want to know if readers loved it.

      Not sure where I was going with this, maybe that will help another person out there who struggles with anxiety—to remember that writers are dealing with it as well. I try to think that if they can push through their anxiety for me, I can return the favor and push through for them.

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      1. As an author suffering from several types of untreated anxiety disorders, thank you! This sums up my feelings on the matter perfectly. I've gotten better with practice but it is still gut-wrenching at times to post, especially as a ""problematic"" writer who has gotten more than a few hate comments and threats. The ones who feel the same as me, who commiserate, are one of my primary reasons for pushing on.

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    2. Color me utterly unsurprised that someone with "Mama" in her fandom handle not only feels supremely entitled to the maintainers of a fic archive keeping a glitch just for her, but also supremely entitled to lecture other people on their attitudes — even though she herself began her comment snidely. We're not your kids, Mama. Wind your neck in.

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      1. ?

        Not complaining about the glitch.

        The attitude was unnecessary. My handle has been my handle since years before I was ever here. It's just who I am online.

        Did you forget to sign in or is this just deliberate anonymous trolling?

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