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  1. Since apparently my comment absolutely blew up, and this is taking an extreme toll on me, I'm going to try and answer as best as I can in only one reply..

    The reason, I personally, struggle so incredibly much with commenting, is because I suffer from crippling anxiety. Writing this alone is making me sweat, shake and hyperventilate, but everyone deserves an explanation as to why I sounded so harsh originally, which never was my intention.
    But my anxiety manifests in a very peculiar way - I have trouble expressing myself with words. It's taking me approximately 5 tries to write each and every one of these sentences so they make sense. That also means that when my anxiety is high, I can't write a comment on a story I like, because the words just Won't Come. I can't explain well, and this is going to sound like an excuse. But it is what it is. I have gotten advice and comments on twitter about this as well, so if you, or anyone else need more clarification, I'm hoping you might find it there.

    I'm sorry.

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    1. purple flowers

      I’m so sorry for your difficulties. I appreciate you taking the time and trouble to expand here. If you can’t comment on fics, that’s okay—the authors put them out into the world for people to enjoy, so enjoy them. Lurkers have been a part of fandom long before AO3. I should know, I used to lurk for years. I’m better now (sometimes) but just know however much you can manage, those stories are there for you, you’re a part of fandom, and no matter how much authors like receiving love, it is never required payment. We give it for free. ❤️

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    2. Watercolour painting of a teacup on top of a stack of books.

      *virtual hugs*

      I appreciate how much work you put into expressing your feelings here. I think it's a valuable part of the community.


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    3. That is honestly too bad your anxiety is preventing from interacting with the other writers of the fandom(s) you're involved in. Have you ever tried making drafts of various kind of comments (ie. "I liked your story", "I liked your story, especially the part where [x] happened", "I really liked the way you wrote [x]") and then just... fill in the blank and copy/paste to comment? Maybe doing it on Anon could also help you? Baby steps?

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    4. Hey, I have anxiety too so I understand the strugle.

      Stay safe and hopefully things get better. 💞💕

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    5. Ladybug with a rainbow Pride background

      I think it's largely an effect of, your comment is the first one on the post.

      Take care of yourself. 🙂

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    6. Boo hoo.

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    7. So, in short, you're not too anxious to come here and whine at the mods for fixing a glitch, but when people so much as disagree with you, you start "shaking and crying." What a manipulative piece of work you are.

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      1. Agreed it comes across as manipulative. I feel for ppl dealing w/ anxiety. I deal with it to varying degrees too, but c'mon.
        They act like it's like pulling teeth to write someone a simple "I like this fic" or any emoji comment, but as per their first post, they clearly have no qualms berating and calling the admin of aO3 dumb. How does that make sense?
        And the interesting part is, these ppl complaining about comment anxiety and simultaneously berating ao3? Not one of them has posted in ao3's newest forum update of the extensive upgrades to thank them or write something positive in the comments. Seems like it's true the anxiety only crops up when they have to say something positive. Selective anxiety at its finest for real.

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