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  1. That's not true, you're only able to make one and edit or delete it later (and remake it after). It's s glitch. I once found a fic twice in my subscriptions. It's another glitch. It's not supposed to happen and it doesn't make any sense.
    While all three come to be on the same way (slow connection/multiple clicks) I think this update will only affect the kudos. But we'll see. I would appreciate a fix for the other two, but at least the user responsible can undo them.

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    1. Damn, it’d be nice to have a fix for all three. I have too many doubled up bookmarks, and I’m always worried that if I delete one, I’ll accidentally delete both.

      And yes, definitely a glitch. It copies all of the comment and tags, and is caused (mostly) by clicking a few too many times with laggy internet.

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      1. blooming evening primrose

        Don't worry, if you delete a duplicate, the other bookmark will still be there (same goes for duplicate subscription infos). :)

        For some time past, AO3 quite often creates duplicates when I subscribe to something, and the first time I noticed that, I was very wary of removing the duplicate. To be on the safe side, I opened the page I had subscribed to in an extra tab - to be able to re-subscribe in case the whole subscripition was cancelled instead of just removing the duplicate - but it turned out that only the subscription/bookmark info I intend to remove gets deleted, the other one stays untouched.

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