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  1. lol I'm all for this new policy but stop spreading lies. You talk like you know about databases, so what's the function of "WHERE" in database programming? They simply can remove the multiple kudos that are added after the policy is implemented? Even the most basic program like MySQL can do too. They just need literally one additional line of coding.

    Stop spreading lies, you really sound stupid.

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    1. That would imply that they're also storing the date on which the kudos was registered. Which, maybe they do, but it sounds like a huge waste of space to store an additional date field for like the millions of kudos people are leaving.
      In which case, you can totally implement a DELETE * FROM kudos_table WHERE kudos_date > '2020-03-16' kind of line, but then you'd have to run that view/query every time the database is updated or at certain intervals in order to ensure that the newer duplicate kudos get removed while the old ones are kept. Which...doesn't seem really feasible either. Are they going to run this query every week or something?

      Correct me if I'm wrong, but it would be much easier to just add a CHECK constraint to the WHOLE database that removes duplicate kudos for all the kudos ever left...but in order to do that, you have to first remove entries within the database that violate the Check constraint in order to add it to the table creation statement or else SQL doesn't let you update the table. So it makes sense that they're removing ALL the duplicate kudos ever, rather than being really selective with the date range.

      --My two cents, coming from a CS database course student

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