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  1. That information is really seems they're doing this in an effort to create more space but I can't imagine getting rid of the duplicates will make much difference in terms of space. I've only noticed a handful of duplicate kudos on my fics in the eight years I've been here. There are currently 6 million works so I estimate they'll free up space for about 12 million kudos (assuming every work has 2 duplicates which is probably an overestimation). Since 659 million kudos have been left over the last 10 years, that 12 million would only give 2 extra years of kudos space. Maybe I'm over-thinking it but if the kudos system isn't sustainable, I kind of wish they would get rid of it now and use that space for something else.

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    1. purple flowers

      The followup tweet explains a bit better—it’s sustainable. Getting rid of duplicates is just a side effect of the behind-the-scenes work they’re doing on it.

      ETA: Actually, this link explains it even better with more information:

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