Comment on waltz across naïve wood floors.

  1. Wow, your Sherlock voice is flat-out gorgeous. I love his rambling connections, deductions thrown in with philosophy, his piercing, unique grief for Irene, his bitterness about his father. And of course, his affection for Joan and the way he starts to enjoy their intimacy, the commonplace things she knows about him. It's an interesting mirror to the things he remembers about Irene: similar in shape, but totally different in tone.

    "What about Cop Who'll Punch You In The Face, Cop Who'll Punch You In The Balls?"
    "Depends which one I get to be," Joan replies.
    "Both, if you like," Sherlock replies

    “You keep bees,” he says flatly, in the tone of voice that he uses for you are increasingly implausible as a person.

    *snorts* Bell is so great.

    Joan doesn’t move. “Is it self-induced.”
    He considers this, rocking up on his toes, back down again. “Somewhat.”

    I could just hear Joan saying this, crystal-clear. *laughs*

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