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  1. the first time I read this I was too lazy to comment (I know ...don't worry I feel properly bad about it) but I just keep thinking about it so I had to come back!!

    I love this so much thank you. I love them, and this is them to a T. You know they'd both be so dramatic, but also stubborn, it's hard to imagine them functioning together at all, and yet they are somehow perfect for each other. This fic shows that perfectly.

    Thank you so much again for sharing!!!!!!! I hope you do more in the future.... we are starving :')

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    1. its ok thank you!!! you commented anyways and that honestly is what matters in the end.
      they are a mess but they're very suitable for each other, you are right. it shouldnt work at all, but somehow it does. they're two extremes, kinda, so i think thats why. but thank you for your thoughts!!! i am sure i will at least write more just to get them out of my head....they have such fantastic dynamic that i Need to explore

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