Comment on Feedback Fest 2020

  1. Okay, here goes.

    Miraculous Tales by JED1 (Miraculous Ladybug)
    -Love how deep they go into the world, filling in the blanks between and hidden behind episodes. It makes an already interesting world even more full of depth. And the characters are so well done.

    Friends By Day, Enemies By Night by Dristi5683 (Miraculous Ladybug)
    -Such a great and well done AU. Slow burn, some pretty artwork, and angst. It has all the highs and lows you'd want from the whole, good guy goes bad trope.

    Bring Me Home by Maerynn (Miraculous Ladybug)
    -A what after fic. Slow burn with great characterization of everyone involved. A bit of a roller coaster, but it was worth every moment of angst for the sweet romance and fluff.

    All three are some of the longer works I marked and read.

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