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  1. I'll forget if I don't do this now so here we go:
    Ruta graveolens by aluinihi -
    Definitely not for everyone, this is a Full Metal Alchemist Roy/Ed Hanahaki fic. It, apparently, has one of my favorite lines ever written in it, though I can't remember for the life of me which one it was. The emotions in this work hit hard, and the happy ending (not a spoiler, it's in the tags) doesn't feel like a cop-out because the author didn't want the character to die but wanted to write the character dying, instead it feels realistically like how this situation would play out with the two characters. One of my favorite Hanahaki fics ever.

    Honestly, there are some damn good Roy/Ed fics out there, like an Ishvalan Ed au that really takes things to the next level culture-wise, but I feel like I shouldn't just inundate you guys with Royed so Ill move on...

    Glitch - t0talcha0s -
    This is a Homestuck Dirk/AR fic. Damn, do I love Homestuck and do I love DirkAR. There aren't enough fics of it, and there certainly weren't back when I first started liking it in good 'ol 2015. This was one of those fics that I read way back when, when I was still afraid of people seeing me on this website because I thought the distinct red banners were an obvious tell that I was reading something 'weird'. And damn, is it good. Absolutely what I am looking for from ANY fic. It's exactly the right length to get the message across, really in-character as it's mostly introspective, and totally hits the nail right on the head.

    I'm looking through my history, it's so hard to pick. I think I'm only going to mention one more because this has taken a while as it is...
    I can't find the stuff that I read at the very beginning of me being on this site because I was a firm incognito-only back then...
    2014 me... just... why... I mean I'll read them again but why did YOU read them.
    Alright I found a good one!! Though I read it literally just now. Listen, you don't want to know what's in my search history.
    Pancakes for Dinner, Cookies for Dessert - LassieLowrider -
    This is a Skulduggery Pleasant fanfiction!! Listen, anyone who writes for that series is immediately one of my favorite authors, no exceptions. Even that one dude who wrote about Val and the main villain of the first book.
    This story is just... What do you meaaaan this isn't canon. Only read if you've read all of the books, it's hard to explain without spoilers, but it has a really happy sadness to it.

    That's all for now, don't judge me and please enjoy :3. Thank you to the authors!

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