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  1. There are so many good fics! I'm going to write about one fic for three different fandoms.

    1. The Witcher. This fic is Regis/Geralt and is canon divergent (but with some canon elements incorporated.) It's a plot-heavy longfic and slowburn with elements of hurt/comfort and LOTS of angst. I love it because it's very well-written and I CRIED at parts of it. Good at taking canon and expanding. IC characters. By seherrons. Here's the link: "Something More".

    2. Batman. There are A LOT of good fics here; the fandom's huge. This was the first longfic I ever re-read (and bookmarked, when I got an AO3 account a few years later). It's a friendship-heavy fic, HUGELY complex plot, major character injuries, angst, hurt/comfort. Follows mostly Bruce Wayne and also Superman. Sort of Batman-centric. Well-written. Didn't cry but was very worried about how it'd end. Great action scenes. By audreycritter. Link: "Altered".

    3. Star Wars. Again HUGE fandom, lol. I prefer Luke & Vader fics. This fic is an AU / about how Vader and Luke find out they're related. Occurs after Luke is already a rebel; not many other conceptual universe changes. They end up stranded on a planet together after shooting each other down. Emotional, slight hurt/comfort. HEAVY angst. Introspective and analytical of Luke and Vader's relationship. From Luke's POV. There is some father-son bonding and it's both at times fluffy and bittersweet. Well-written and plotty. Good action, at times. By Slx99. Link: "Under the Stars".

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