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  1. build your squid, make your squid

    Gods And Demons (part 1) by Keleri
    in a region trainers go on their journeys about when they finish highschool, or have badges from other regions. either way, three trainwrecks go on the gym battle challenge and fight Stan. or satan. either way it's pretty low stakes at first and gradually ramps up into a disaster. it's funny, charming, and part of an ongoing series.
    Actually got me off my ass and back to reading fanfic, and now I write it.

    Floornight by Nostalgebraist.
    "In the near future, science has discovered and investigated the reality of the soul, a top-secret facility on the ocean floor monitors the depths for creatures beyond human comprehension, and its eccentric inhabitants balance the familiar challenges of life, love and fulfillment with the surreal challenges of a continually shifting, mind-bending new reality."
    Good summary. It gets weird. That's a great part of it.
    Like evangelion but weirder and less creepy at the same time. Gave me some great metaphysical inspiration for writing original fic, and some of my favorite representation.

    Honestly I wish I had more, but there's a lot of other fics out there for me to choose from! Oh!!
    New Hope University: Major in Murder by JQarp
    It's a great fanganronpa with stronger dialogue, character lore, and themes. It manages to get more gruesome with deaths, more impactful with character development, and has non-fetishized queer characters and stories.
    It's wrapping up, and I heartily recommend it.


    I think the one thing I want from Ao3 is a way to check my kudos so I can actually see what I enjoyed. I have bookmark collections, but I don't want to go too wild with doing that.

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