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  1. Hello,

    I am a frequent visitor in AO3 and there are countless works I would love to recommend, but here are just a few recent ones:

    I love the "Bonds of Brotherhood" series by authoressjean. I love the interaction between the brothers. The exploration of Michael's and Lucifer's relationship (the archangels in general)
    is something that fascinates me. In this work I am able to experience a different perspective, where the characters share traits and have a depth to them which makes them
    unique and similar at the same time. The story line is intelligent, exploring a great deal of the past but also shows the development of the characters in the present.
    And another crucial point... I am reading here about feelings, about what makes us human. My heart sours everytime I am reading about their love for each other.
    Character development is crucial to me and all these point are brilliantly ballanced there. That fanfic verse is a cosy blanket to me.

    I love "The Art of Growing Up" by all_the_kings_ham. I love the relationship between the characters. I love the depiction, the character development, the humour, the
    witty dialogues. I love Michael's selflessness, Sam's cuteness and Lucifer is adorable. Yes I know, Lucifer would have words about that description, but he is lovely to me...
    in his own unique way. Sorry that I do not have more words here...but my heart is with you. That fanfic is hot chocolate after an exhausting day.

    Another fantastic fic is "When There's Only You" by AnOddSock. That story is a rollercoaster, intoxicating and absolutely terrifying. I admire the characterisation and the atmosphere
    that is created by the story telling. OtherDean may share the same fundamental traits (his focus on Sammy, his pragmatism - just to name a few),
    but he engraves a new line into the relationship with Sam. This story explores the twisting of love into obsession. Very often I sat reading while my stomach was twisting...
    because Sam is exposed to the hate love of a different version of his greatest protector. I love the fine balance between the experience of the characters, their attempts to
    survive, their love for each other and the tentative approach between two brothers after the ordeal. I do not do this fic any justice with my feedback, there is so much more.
    Let's say the showing and telling here, is so balanced, so in tune with the characters it is hard to describe but lovely to read.

    Alright, here I am ending with my feedback. Dear mentioned authors, please know there is more to your story than what I mentioned, but my heart is gushing with
    love for your stories. Thank you so much for sharing.
    And to all the others that I have not mentioned... I want to send all my love to you because you are brave enough to write and to share
    your stories here. Thank you all for providing so much good time, lots of feelings and ideas for characters that are impotant to all of us.
    I would like to give you all a big hug.
    Take care
    Best wishes

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    1. Forgot the links O_O

      "The Bond of Brotherhood"

      "The Art of Growing Up"

      "When There's Only You"

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      1. blooming evening primrose

        Forgot the links O_O :D

        Thank you for adding them! ❤️

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