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  1. Oh dear, this is gonna be so hard xD
    Free Election in Promepolis - Promare (2019), Rating: G.
    Simply bc it's the first one on my bookmarks list, it's a very traditional "what happens after?" fic and is genuinely amusing and heartwarming, a perfect mix to wrap up the rollercoaster of emotions that was the movie it's based on.

    Closing the Distance - Touken Ranbu, Rating: T. (it actually varies from story to story)
    The Queen of Hijikatagumi ship (they're versatile and you know it), currently on vacation in green swords land (thank you, game, for introducing Gou school), left us with this little pearl(s). The work consist of few dozens of smaller and bigger one shots (and not only!), written with language that just draws you in and gives quite a lot of attention to the relationship between swords made for each other. Plus, there's AUs, if you're bored with regular settings!

    Redeemable - Prince of Tennis, Rating: T.
    Simply bc it's Headfangs translating his love for Golden Pair into written format (I guess I should've recced his most recent art instead, but whatevs, if you're into GP, you know his art). Also, it helps me keep up the tag alive in the Lord's year of 2019 (and next). Very dumb, very Golden Pair like, and Fuji ex Machina is utillized in the very best way (if you're in the fandom, you know what I mean, if you're just starting to get to know it- you will know what I mean eventually). It's a lil gem for anyone enjoying dumb gays dynamics of Golden PAir in any universe and any setting (and yes, I will call them dumb even if one has finished the medical studies and owns a clinic in-story, they be like that).

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