Comment on Feedback Fest 2020

  1. Wanda Maximoff walking through the big bad woods.

    Theme: Band of Brothers Fic I've Read in the Last Day and Have in Open Tabs to Comment On.

    Love Me Tender by Soronya
    Even years after the war, Lew is still plagued by nightmares, and wonders if he has a place in Dick's life.
    (I did beta read this)

    Tension Cables by ballantine
    It takes a special kind of broken to become an asset of the company, but Lew figures being self-aware might offer a little protection.
    (1950s Spy AU)

    Stuck in the Middle with You by LT_Aldo_Raine
    Bull likes being in the middle, and as it turns out, Johnny and Bill don’t mind one bit.
    (G-rated fluff)

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