Comment on Feedback Fest 2020

  1. Three random recs from my bookmarks! :)

    Solus, by plumedy (The mandalorian)
    Solus is a Mando'a word that simultaneously means "alone" and "united as one".

    And stormy grew the sea, by regshoe (Sir Patrick Spens ballad)
    They say that the King of Scotland will never touch wine.

    lie alone, by greenery (The terror)
    He turns the page. And maybe this is it. Maybe writing a letter to young Tom Hartnell is reason enough to leave the berth.

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    1. I ran over and checked the Mandalorian fic and it was superb! Thanks so much for the rec; I made sure to reference #FeedbackFest so the author would know they have been memorialized in the category of "read this now".

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      1. :D

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