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  1. Warning: Cognitive Hazard

    Let me open with the entire Notorious series by Maverocknroll. If you've been a fan of Salvatore's Forgotten Realms novels, but disappointed that Jarlaxle and Entreri never got together in a more pantsless fashion, this is the series for you. It's got danger and adventure, and it comes at canon just sideways enough to offer some unexpected twists to the tales we already know. Six parts, so far, and still going.

    Today in 'uncomfortably hot', stickydisco's Roll the Dice, some Lone Gunmen smut in which Langly has a dirty dice inspired fantasy about Frohike. Absolutely not something I'd have anticipated, but worth the few minutes in read time.

    Roses are Red, I glow Blue by Prudabaga was the first Justice/Fenris fic I found among Dragon Age fics, and it's one I revisit every time I need a good laugh. Imagine, if you will, the spirit of Justice attempting to pursue a relationship with a generally uninterested party by way of strategies learned from trashy romance novels. Fantastically funny.

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