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  1. This sounds good! We had elasticsearch related slowness at work too, and due to some strange and unlikely queries breaking the cluster (protip, several 8tb queries at once is a Bad Idea who would have guessed 😒😒😒) during its recovery time, we even had two master nodes (splitbrain) at some point. It was a mess but we fixed it... Eventually haha. Such a coincidence that you guys have a similar problem! Did you upgrade to the latest version yet? We're considering alternatives as we speak just in case.

    Last Edited Mon 10 Feb 2020 04:04PM EST

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    1. Laura Roslin smiling

      Hi, Ellisama!

      Oh, no! Sorry to hear you've also had problems with Elasticsearch.

      We haven't updated to the latest version yet -- we ultimately decided to wait until after the new servers are installed -- but we are looking forward to it!

      Archive development team

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      1. Understandable! I'm curious if it fixes the problems!

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