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  1. Oh, Sha'uri :((( Her story was always so sad.

    I am glad Daniel has his team - his family - to support him. Now and in the future.


    I especially liked:

    "How did you know what constellations to point out?"

    "Ah, Danny-boy," Jack said in his best Irish brogue, "That's why I get to wear the eagles on my shoulders."

    Dropping the accent, Jack continued. "Besides, I have the address to Aybdos memorized, too. I was pretty sure when Airman Jeffries told me where you were, I knew what you were doing. Those were some of the first constellations I looked for when I got back after … well, after the first time."

    A really good moment and a good reminder of how important and transformative that initial mission to Abydos was to Jack.

    And Daniel wanting to reach out and comfort Sam in the midst of his own grief? You absolutely understand his character!

    Thank you for sharing this :)

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    1. Ask and ye shall receive. :)

      One of the things I loved about early SG1 was the focus on Jack and Daniel's friendship (something that sort of faded away as the series progressed), and I'm a sucker for those quiet moments of two people just trying to cope. Daniel saved Jack's life, in more ways than one on that first mission. No surprise at all that Jack would memorise that address. He never expected to see Daniel again.

      Daniel always struck me as a giver, someone who would do anything for a friend, but wasn't really sure how to accept such help in return.

      I'm glad you enjoyed this little story. It was nice to revisit it again after all of these years.

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