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  1. You have this marked as complete. Might want to change that hon.

    I'm liking this so far. I'm a little confused because I don't watch MacGayver, though. Maybe put in a bit more description so that I know who the heck you're taking about? Nothing overwhelming -- maybe just a detail or two. A little "aside" so-to-say.

    I forgot how much I love Criminal Minds. It always hits me when I read one of your works. It just feels like a blast from the past, especially since I rage quit on the series since they were the way of NCIS and got rid of pretty much ALL MY FAVORITE CHARACTERS.

    Keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing more of this.

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    1. I was planning on doing more descriptions in chapter 3 since that's when both teams are meeting. Figured it would be good to do it there rather than the first two. thanks for the comment!!!

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      1. Yah still have it marked as complete girlfriend. XD

        Sounds good to me. Just watch out for an info dump. That can get tedious to read very quickly if not handled correctly. I'll keep an eye out. ;)

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