Comment on Wasteland

  1. Awww, thanks <<3. It’s a weird quirk of my mind that the more thought I put into a story the shorter it gets, somehow (until I reach galaxy brain levels, at which point I just stare into space and yell määääääään like a cheap copy of James Fitzjames).

    The subtle horror in The Terror is something that endlessly fascinates me. If I might add another layer of disquieting thoughts: What makes the subtle things, like unfamiliar sounds etc, worse imo is that it is very hard to talk to others about it. I mean, a demon bear that eats people? It’s a tangible thing. Even if you’re a naturally reticent lieutenant who is very careful about keeping a professional countenance at all times, you can awknowledge its existence (even if it’s just under the guise of developing defense strategies). But the small shifts in your environment? How can you tell your crew mates that the stillness of a ship frozen in unsettles you, that the permanent darkness gets under your skin? For Edward, with his introvert personality and in his role as first lieutenant, it’s a nearly impossible feat. And who could he talk to, anyway? Crozier? His fellow lieutenants? I don’t think so. And so all of it stays in his head and slowly starts affecting his mind, his sense of reality. My poor baby :(

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