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  1. I feel your pain 😂. Every time I see drabble used as a term to describe a piece of writing that does not at least contain some aspect of word counting my eyelid starts twitching uncontrollably. *grousing old woman’s voice*: Ficlet, people, the umbrella term for short stories with a wordcount ≠ 100 words is ficlet.

    “If I'm being honest after watching the show, Little was one of the few characters I didn't feel much of a connection to, but I think this piece clicked him into place for me a lot more clearly.” This is the highest honor you could bestow upon me. You have to imagine me reading this and then jumping up and down excitedly and then reading it again, and again. And again. I count it as my proudest achievement that I could infect other people with love for the awkward, miserable, constipated emotions clusterfuck of duty and wanting to do right that is Edward Little.

    Thank you so much for leaving such a lovely comment ❤️. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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