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    I was really curious how Luffy and co. were going to be incorporated into the story when I saw them in the character listings. Like I seriously thought they would just kind of be hinted at (like Chopper in the hospital, and Robin and Franky in the diner). I'm so pleased they play a more critical role in the story.
    I'm so damn sad though; LAW PLEASE LET YOURSELF BE HAPPY. Easier said than done, of course, since again, emotional scars are a thing.

    It's so nice getting Kid's perspective again! I mean, I knew it would happen, but somehow my brain translated 2/7 chapters from Law's perspective as !!!Too Much!!! because that makes sense. It's particularly refreshing to see some conflict enter into the INCREDIBLY ADORABLE AND FLUFFY AND FANTASTIC KidLaw relationship, and the paranoid spy job is just the cherry on top of this big, fat, super-sweet relationship cake of hopes and dreams and mistrust and selling selves short.

    Honestly if I sound a tad crazy it's because it's late and I'm tired.

    But Kid's insecurities about Law are just so wonderfully painful because Law doesn't even realize how his paranoia is also affecting Kid because he just ASSUMES that Kid is impervious to everything, or at least capable of recovering quickly. I just love how Law's confidence and doubt are so horrendously misplaced in Kid and placed so completely opposite of where they are now. Then there's poor Kid who's left in the dark, floundering about and worrying over his sense of worth in Law's eyes and he just doesn't know and they're both tearing themselves up over it and it's making my heart ache and it's positively beautiful.

    In so many ways I feel like I'm telling you what you already know since you ARE the one who wrote the fic, but at the same time I feel, even if you are being told what you know, it at least serves as acknowledgement that someone RECOGNIZES or at least THINKS they recognize what you did. I DON'T KNOW. IT'S LATE. I'M RAMBLING. FORGIVE. (I personally find it funny that I'm saying 12:40 is late because I tend to stay up even later, but early classes are a thing, and a normal sleep schedule is something I've been striving for lately. I relate to both Kid and Law in that regard. Though it is less work and more internet. Darn you, internet)

    Lovely chapter.
    On to the next (or sleep)!

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