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  1. This is cool as hell! I love your voice for the Elder, her backstory and how she came by her vocation, her exasperation with the Acolyte (and how it's a more fond exasperation eventually, but... WOW this girl is a LOT)... She's just so competent and pragmatic. All the little worldbuilding touches are fun, and you've absolutely nailed the alternately grand and goofy tone of the comic - The dock-workers and passengers from all these places have different accents, different expressions, different memes...

    Plus the judicious use of the red background to orient us in the timeline - again, cool as hell! I think this canon lends itself well to experimentation with structure and formatting, and all the choices you've made here really work. I'm gonna shove this fic at everyone I know who's read the comic, it's such a wonderful companion piece.

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    1. Jon Stewart

      Thank you so much!

      Early on, I considered just doing the Acolyte's childhood and getting outside-the-Temple worldbuilding that way, but I really wanted to write the perspective of a baffled onlooker as her relationship with A Literal Goddess unfolds. And the Elder's arc is great in its own right, where she's just presented like a mean controlling authority figure at first, but by the end she's totally in support -- and you come to appreciate how she's mostly just been protective (not to mention, busy juggling a million other things besides the Acolyte's assignments) the whole time.

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