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  1. First bubble chamber neutrino detection, 1970

    Oh, this is a fabulous piece of outsider POV, thank you so much! I loved all the worldbuilding detail in the Elder's backstory (I really liked the way you worked her ear for accents in to things throughout the story), and the idea that all the other acolytes had at least a small role to play in saving the day, among many other things.

    Perhaps most of all, though, I appreciated your willingness to go for it on the weird-formats side of things. :) I was already enjoying the second person POV immensely when the middle section came along with the change in background colour to match the way canon does it! ♥

    Thank you again, this was a wonderful Yuletide gift. :D

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    1. Jon Stewart

      So glad you like it!

      I wanted to explore the pre-canon era because there's barely any fic about it, and we get so few specifics about that Elder in canon...except the detail that she has well-informed opinions about the Burning Star's that was a great jumping-off point. And then I was rereading the series looking for backstory details, started thinking about the Elder's POV on the fore-story details, and ended up writing through the events of the comic anyway. (And spending way longer than I needed to on that frickin CSS for Paradise...)

      Thank you for the inspiring prompt!

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