Comment on one burn, one red, one grin

  1. I AM IN LO VE WITH THIS it's so.. like first chapter in and already so much is happening and there's so much to dig for and reading this makes me feel alive!!!! like theres so much good stuff happening, their powers???? like wtf is jae up to, and why can mark absorb shit, and just the concepts are so cool and i genuinely laughed out loud when bam said his power was tinnitus generation like weghrkeuhekhrg WTF thats so funny
    also this story slowly seems like there's more going on than the absolute epic action sequences and crazy villain/super dynamics!!! like mark been going thru SHIT and the jinyoung coup?????? love that so much,, i already know the plot is going to be incredible. but also there are little fun moments annd just sdkhdkfhd i'm in love!!! in love with this concept and your writing of it, im so so excited for whatever comes nect i love this!!!!

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