Comment on The Golden Stag

  1. Alright. Let's talk about this chapter, shall we?

    I just loved the power dynamic between Robb and Damon. They both so clearly want what's best for their families and they have had to grow up so quickly, and I almost expected this to feel like two kids playing at war but it strangely didn't. Their youth was obvious but they aren't inexperienced, they both know what it is to lead and lose men and that was so evident. It's obvious that neither of them want to continue the war (in spite of them both having a knack for it) and I was interested to see Damon take such a hard line when it came to Northern Independence. I don't think the North will kneel which means there will not be a quick end, and I'm excited to see how it plays out!

    The Stark part was so sad! I wasn't totally thinking of where we were in the timeline, because in the show/books Catelyn and Robb would be dead by now. Somehow this brief Cat/Sansa reunion was even sadder than no reunion at all! Especially with the believed deaths of Bran and Rickon, it must have been so hard for Catelyn to have her daughter forcibly ripped out of her arms, and poor Sansa! She'd been so strong and stoic and of course that would come crashing down when she finally for the first time since her father died felt safe. It was really well done and it made me dislike Damon for a moment, even though from his position it was the smart thing to do.

    And WOW: "The Seven frowned upon him for his cold-heartedness though, as he learned a few days later. They punished him in the most devastating way they could.They made Damon king." You set the chapter up so perfectly with the mention of the wedding at the beginning. It was such a throwaway comment in the midst of everything else that I didn't even register that JOFFREY DIES ON HIS WEDDING DAY. I really should have but I didn't and so that just threw me for a loop!

    I am so excited to see King Damon and how he differs from King Tommen. He's going to be less malleable I would imagine, and now he has the power to negotiate whatever he wants hypothetically. Can. Not. Wait.

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