Comment on Me, Ourselves, and Levi

  1. LMAOOOOO!! The ending was totally hilarious and a bit ridiculous for Levi to try exercising a cat!! Lol!! The beginning though was heartbreaking!! To be abandoned on the side of the road and forced to wander the streets, lost, cold, hungry and lonely was heartbreaking to read! I'm so glad that Levi found her and gave her a home, but sad to see what might go through any animal's mind when they're homeless and on the streets!! It just really makes me want to get more cats, but I already have 2 plus 2 dogs and a bird!! I've always tried throughout my years of owning pets to give a home to animals that have no home or to do my best finding them that special home when we've had liters, but it still makes me sad that so many more animals are out there on the streets!!

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