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  1. When have time to do a fic request or a new pairing?

    Do you need a beta?
    Tumblr has betas if do.


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    1. I'll do my best to get round to it, not sure when I'm afraid. But thank you for all the support!

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      1. Use tumbler?
        When have time for fic prompts?

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        1. No, afraid not.
          Your welcome.
          And I'm not sure, I'll try to get to it

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          1. Thanks!

            I got tons of fic ideas once able to do prompts.

            cartoon the grim adeventures of billy and mandy + jackie chan adventures need fics too! :)

            when be able to do a fic prompt?

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            1. I'm not sure, I'm very busy at the moment and I haven't watched those shows in ages. For now, something more in my feild of knowledge would be preferable. Like Batman x Aquaman, which I think I have an idea for now, just don't know if it'll execute properly

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              1. Cool maybe try batman x aquaman off justice league movie
                Ever able do requests or new pairing?

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                1. I'll try
                  I'm not sure, I've never done a request and I'm not sure about doing new pairings

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                  1. Ok! Any new pairing could try?
                    YouTube has episodes online
                    Do art or videos?

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                    1. I'll think it over, try to get good stories for new Batman pairings, and get back to you. Thank you for your continued support :)

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                      1. OK! Great fic!

                        any other cartoons do?

                        the grim adventures of billy and mandy,aladdin,danny phantom,jackie chan adventures,family guy,x-men evolution?

                        able try tv shows? big wolf on campus,smallville?

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                        1. No not really. Mostly DC and DB right now. Maybe marvel some time much later

                          Last Edited Wed 04 Dec 2019 11:52AM EST

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                          1. Ok
                            Can try tv shows?
                            Try green arrow Oliver x Batman if can

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                            1. Maybe Oliver x Bruce if I can. And some of the other JL members, we'll see

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                              1. Cute! Able try tv shows?

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                                1. I'm not sure

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                                  1. OK.
                                    episodes are on youtube for big wolf on campus. show needs help getting it on dvds. show would make a great movie!

                                    ever try more cartoons,smallville,anime?

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