Comment on The Golden Stag

  1. Oh this just keeps getting better and better! I love the struggle between Damon's Baratheon side and his Lannister're doing a great job of keeping us (me) guessing as to whether he is really Robert's. It feels like his Baratheon side is really important to him and when you couple that with his superior morality over Joffrey I can't help but want him to be King... something tells me that won't happen though (or at least not for a very long time!). It's interesting that Tywin said "You're as much a Lannister if not more". He was always so adamant that the rumors about Cersei and Jaime or false, so I would imagine this is more that he sees his grandsons clearly and feels that Damon is the superior of the two and therefore *must* be more Lannister?

    Also, I particularly loved these lines:

    "You think you know when you actually don't, which is more dangerous than not knowing."

    This war you have ridden so fast and hard to stop has already begun.

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