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  1. I don’t like vampires. I think it was one of small jokes by JKR which cannot be developed fully, because it really doesn’t work with the rest of the universe. To the realistic bourgeoisie world of more or less rationalist down-to-earch craftsmen, shopowners, ministry officials, you suddenly get a creature which works in completely different world: much more mythical, unearthly, etc. Every fanfic story which tries to involve vampires more fully ends with disaster (Northumbrian has his Auror Camelia Tepes, but I think she doesn’t exactly fit into what proper vampire should be).

    Concerning Homenum Revelio, I don’t know. I think it so border case, that both situations could be allowed. Again, vampires are not only non-human (which works perfectly fine for house-elves, centaurs, goblins), but they are not even alive. It is complete mess. I just try to forget they ever existed.

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    1. You make some interesting points.
      Thank you.

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