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    Beautiful! There's nothing like some really good huddling for warmth, and it's such a perfect scenario for these two. Their voices are fantastic, I can hear them in my head, and the dynamic between them feels so true to the show. I especially love your Vex POV. You've captured all the things that make me adore the character: her dry humor and her curmudgeonly sarcastic demeanor, but also her deep care, the way she's always looking out for the people she loves, how much she treasures those she's decided to let into her guarded personal space. This bit: "I'm cold because I went swimming in the middle of winter and my heating source decided to move away from me," Vex complained, careful to keep a teasing note in her voice. made me feel some real emotion, it's so very Vex to be considerate of Keyleth's insecurities and make sure her tone of voice won't set them off. Ah, there's so much I love in this: Keyleth using her druid powers to make the hut, Vex still being extremely concerned about the grey render and wanting to make up for how that went, Keyleth insisting winter is good actually, the allusions to Poly Machina.... And, of course, the kissing and the tenderness between them. This warmed my heart right up, lovely work.

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      Thank you! I'm glad that you enjoyed the story!

      I love these two so much, and I'm always happy for the chance to write them. ♥

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