Comment on Scheduled Maintenance

  1. Oh this was super cute! Anything with Pablo or Richard will always be a treat because their combination is so entertaining —Richard is an entitled rich bitch but is willing to grovel before Pablo and his physique; and Pablo is as you wrote, "a fluffy, awkward chinchilla" (I love this comparison - Pablo does seem like an adorable, fluffy chinchilla, even if he has this macho image.)

    This subverted my expectations regarding people getting stuck in elevators, (and Pablo's as well!) Pablo lampshaded the expectation subversion too which I found funny. And playing red hands? They really have nothing else to do huh... I think Richard (and me) was really expecting them to at least smooch but I am glad he got a peek at Pablo's abs at least! And doubly hilarious was the elevator opening to the hotel staff Just When Pablo was raising his shirt for him. All this for a roach! But I also loved Pablo having a conversation with Richard about never being not-rich, and then calling him out a little.

    I love how Pablo seems to be more intelligent than he is at first glance... that he is able to carry conversations and bring some (okay, a miniscule portion) of Richard back down to earth.

    I really liked this fic, mostly because you have an abundant knowledge about hotels and the customers there (as you should ghshs) but I always find it a joy whenever you sneak in specific moments and thoughts in Richard's head that aren't entirely fictional. There's still a bit rooted in reality.

    And kudos to Richard trying desperately to flirt with Pablo García, and then Pablo telling him to... chill.

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