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  1. *pets Hiccup* He's just expected to tough it out, poor love. But personally I think Gobber is as helpful and understanding towards Hiccup as he can manage; he knows exactly what the boy's gone through, and he does understand how hard dealing with it actually is.

    Yes, my internal Gobber is secretly a sensitive soul.

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    1. Yes, some credit has to be given to Gobber. He really does act as the mediator between Stoick and Hiccup, doesn't he? I can only imagine the conversations that have taken place between him and Hiccup, especially with Hiccup being apprenticed to him so long. He is, in may respects, almost like another parental figure for Hiccup.

      So many dynamics to this!

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      1. I have this mildly horrifying mental image of Gobber having to be the one to give Hiccup the Birds-and-Bees (though on Berk the metaphor probably involves sheep) talk, and Hiccup being absolutely mortified while Gobber just cheerfully explains everything. In detail. It probably involved a field trip to Goti or the local midwife.

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        1. Oh God. I might have to write that as a fic (full credit to you, of course, if it would happen) once I finished my thesis. I could see the reasoning behind it too, being that Hiccup asks about it when Stoick is away on some type of diplomatic mission thing. And then Hiccup finds out when he gets older that everyone else got the 'sheep' talk. He was the lucky one who got the tour and full on description.

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          1. Dooooo iiiit~! Seriously the world needs more HTTYD fic.

            Though personally I suspect Stoick deliberately arranged being gone the moment Hiccup started even asking the vaguest of questions about where babies come from. But Gobber no doubt found a way to get him back for that. Probably something involving a lot of drinking and sneaking a sheep into Stoick's bed.

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            1. The world DOES need more HTTYD. I killed myself going through the tags here. I didn't realize I wanted it so bad. I'm hoping to eventually start a Merricup fic down the line (I wrote a few random ass lines while working on school stuff because I had a scene that wouldn't get out of my head). But I think I'll start with a little snippet of Gobber giving the talk. I'm still trying to nail down Hiccup's character, so that would be a good exercise.

              Stoick probably did. Doesn't strike me as the type to be super good with conversations. And you know Gobber had to get him back. Probably included the silk underwear that Trader Johann brought.

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              1. It's amazing how you can not know you want something so badly until you see it for the first time. I hadn't realized how badly I needed Mericcup until it started popping up on Tumblr. Then I was hooked, and had to write this story.


                And thus began the most epic prank war Berk had ever seen, culminating in Mildew's sheep being stolen, and Gobber and Stoick running through the village completely naked while being chased by a flock of Terrible Terrors.

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        2. no dodout complet with "helpfull hints" culled from Gobber's own persnal experince.
          dang long comment thried....i'll have to see if i can make it longer tomorow (sorry about the spelling just dashing this off).
          just real quick though your killing me with the little cliff hangers.

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          1. No worries. My own spelling without help of three runs of a spellchecker is somewhat... special even on the best of days. And seeing as I live on the tears and frustration of readers, the cliffhangers are necessary.


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