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  1. I totally love this idea!!!

    I love Skye, and Peter, and this idea would be awesome I think. It would be something completely separate from the Nightingale-verse, because I'm declaring that one finished in one more fic. But still... I like the idea... I will write it. Cannot promise you when, but I will.

    What would be your preferences for pairings? Since this'll be separate from the Nightingale-verse I might shake things up a bit. Though of course Sterek is a given (could make them into a trine, if it fits, but I'm not breaking them up, not for anything).

    Also, I'm warning I've only watched three seasons of AoS and haven't really liked it since the second season finale. Had so many hopes for the team coming together again and then they messed it all up... But anyway, if Skye was adopted a lot would go differently... Though right now I'm debating on two ideas for the basis of the story: Option a) Skye's foster family is abusive and she ends up in a hospital, while there she wanders and ends up finding Peter, their meeting somehow wakes him up and he fights to keep her; it goes from there. Option b) After Jiaying's death, 'Daisy' is going nuts trying to find herself, when something happens and she learns that Jiaying and Cal died, and they weren't her parents, she's instead the daughter of Jiaying's niece, and an American Man (here I still have to decide whether Peter would still be in the hospital, or in which season). In any cases, in both I'm inclined to making Skye Peter's daughter by blood, rather than just adoption; she'd still be an inhuman, and not a werewolf. Thoughts?

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    1. same with me i stopped watching it after season 3 i just hated what they did with grant anyway love option a but if you go with option b i wouldn't make skye have different parents or peters daughter i would have them be a couple instead

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      1. Skye and Peter... cannot picture it, though that may be just because I've never tried. If I did go down that route I could ignore some things from TW, everything after mid-season 3 certainly (except for a few specific episodes, I don't much like the series after that point). Also, until that point many believed Peter to be younger, just a bit older than Derek in fact; that all changed when Malia was introduced of course, but if we take Malia out of the equation... it's not that I cannot handle age differences (I've paired Skye with Phil!), but rather that I'm not sure Skye would be able to handle a step-daughter, not with everything else at that stage. I don't know, might change my mind once I actually write it.

        Haven't told me if you have any preferences for pairings...

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        1. (a) grant/skye peter/original female Derek/stilies jordan/lyida (b) peter/skye Derek/stilies jordan/lyida if peter and skye where to be together i would have it be that they where mates thats why he woke up you could make it where inhumans know when they find the one with a look or something along them lines

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          1. Well, by the looks of it you really like Lydia with Jordan... I know next to nothing about him, and all I know came from fanfics. Will have to look him up sometime. I'm a big fan of Lydia/Jackson, probably comes from being a fan of the first few seasons of the show. But I'll see what I can do.

            I'm a big Skyeward fan, but we'll see how it goes in the end. I like your idea about mates. Wouldn't even have to be about inhumans specifically. Could simply state that those with power, those that are evolved in some way, part of that evolution is a sense that lets them know who their perfect match is (that way I could use it for the wolves as well).

            In any case, whether a or b, I'm really partial to Skye being the reason Peter wakes up.

            Thanks a lot for your help, and see you around!

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