Comment on Five Kisses and One Kiss

  1. This pairing is so great! 💙🖤😤 It amazes me to learn there's so little representation of it, focusing on the relationship between just these two. But, once again, that just makes yours the definitive treatment for me!

    And I really love all the little details in this (like the flush on the back of Takeshi's neck, the way the kiss felt for Yuuri and how overwhelming those sensations were for him) that make the story so easy to picture and express so much what the characters can't to one another. The repeating themes and the bookended scenes work with the 5+1 structure so well.

    I also love the aspects of Yuuri's insecurities you evoke here. First he's sort of an imposition, even though he's filling in for Yuuko, taking Takeshi's role away from him. Then there's the age difference he can't do anything about, and his international skating schedule means he misses out on things happening at home until it's too late to do anything about them. (No wonder he craves the familiarity and reliability of seeing Yuuko and Takeshi at the rink! But so easy to fall into the trap of thinking nothing is changing when you're not there to see it.) Even though he seems to see Yuuko as more of a big sister by the time of Yuuko and Takeshi's wedding, there's still that guilt of knowing he was the son-in-law her parents wanted, and who did he fail by not giving them that? Oh, Yuuri. . . . ~_~

    On the flipside, it's so heartwarming that Takeshi has grown comfortable with who he is and will always have a place for Yuuri, even if the context has been changed by their circumstances. All the awkwardness and could-have-beens (but-let's-be-honest-were-never-going-to-bes) have grown into such a strong and beautiful friendship. You breathe so much life into Takeshi with this fic!

    (Is it wrong of me to imagine Christophe being the guy Yuuri makes out with in Warsaw? XD)

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