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  1. Jiang Cheng, welcome to the club "I fell for his smile" take at seat along side Lan Wangji please
    Another victim of the wwx charm and denseness GOD THE CRINGE WHEN HE ASKED ABOUT WIFES AND WEDDING NIGHTSSSS, and then he told him about his one and only AND JC HEART GO DOKI DOKI...F

    This just make jc hate for lwj and him telling a younger wwx how much the guy hate him more pettier and sadder AND OF COURSE HE LOSE EVERYTHING AND THEN 13 YEARS LATER HE NEVER GET IT BACK, that's rough buddy AND WHEN GET TO KNOW ABOUT THE CORE FUCK, another F for that

    Now this make jc unbelieve list of requeriments for a wife a stab of my heart

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    1. Somebody pointed out that JC’s list of qualities in a wife is a list of qualities in Jiang Yanli, up to & including “be nice to Jin Ling”.

      Ie he was just interviewing women to be Jin Ling’s mother, not a love interest for himself, so his baby nephew could at least have someone LIKE Jiang Yanli to love and support him, instead of just having his uncle(s) bumbling along doing their best.

      And then I cried.

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