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  1. Thank you! Yes, it’s nsm that I ship it - it’s just that you can SEE how it could go that way, for JC? Because he does love WWX, but he gets very mixed messages about whether this is actually fraternal. That line when they visit Yiling where JC taunts him “Did you think she was going to marry YOU?” Is so very jarring between siblings, and it suggests that JC sees WWX as someone who MIGHT marry JYL, in other circumstances.

    Whereas I think for WWX it is quite different- he sees Jiang Yanli unequivocally as his sister, and JC as his brother, regardless of genetics.

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    1. Definitely, for WWX and JYL (and WWX towards JC), they see each other as legitimate siblings. JYL, several times, has called WWX her "didi" instead of just "shidi" , especially when others have questioned if WWX was allowed to do _________ (like being alone with her). I think it's a degree less for WWX --> JFM and YZY, but judging by how he prostrated with LWJ in front of them and asked for them to reserve LWJ for him, he also sees them as his second set of parents, albeit with more strings attached.

      JC, it's very complicated. But I think if he had romantic feelings for WWX, he definitely would want to think of it as not-fraternal. But! What I had really meant earlier was that for chengxian, the commentary is always like oh they're not "really" brother (akin to thor/loki). But I was really intrigued by the concept of your fic, and I'm glad you leaned into the discomfort. I think that's a way more interesting and legitimate take than like "oh well they're not really siblings." They are. But they kind of aren't, at least to JC.

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