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  1. Im gonna call her Kire for short because i'll mess up her name everytime else, but Kire has every right to be scared of the teachers, they are down right assholes.

    Oooooo i like the colour Blue too!

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    1. Kire is such a cute nickname! Would it be ok with you if i use it in the story?(with credit) because it's really adorable (^7^).

      And yeah, teachers are scary as fuck.

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      1. Oh totally, go for it XD

        Especially since we already know how they'll treat Kire based on how they treat Izuku, Kire won't be having a fun time with them, but she could always just set Aizawa onto them.

        Also i just listened to a 10 second clip of the second episode of s4 in english dub of Mic saying "Emo Might" and fucking with ALl Might and i just fucking love this man to pieces, he sounds so GOOFY and he sounds likes hes enjoying fucking with the retired hero it's great, i love this man.

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        1. Thank you for letting me use the nickname!

          You're right, school will not be kind to Kire and Izuku, my poor baby's T^T.

          We stan our lord and savior Mic in this household.

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          1. <3

            Set Aizawa on the teachers, they don't know true fear until they have an Angry Aizawa on their asses.

            Like he doesn't even shrug normally either! his hands were still doing their weird gestures when he shrugged!, i love this man and i would gladly die for him. And yes, we stan Hizashi Yamada/Present Mic in this household.

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