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  1. Yeqiu's mom was hiding him from their family. so sad. wonder what happened. 😥 omg they are in the same city and they still can't meet. I am frustrated for them 😅 lmao and awww their avatars! such a cute picture.😍 So like if Yeqiu ever decides to go pro from all that training, he'll probably join his bf to fight them 🤣 and Muqiu, so foolish 😂 omg someone save that dummy from his own min d 😂😂

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    1. It will be explained in future chapters... I hope. My messy writing doesn't explain things clearly, so sorriiieeee TTATT *wipes sweat

      Re: Frustration - welcome to my torture session, where I suffer along with you 8D

      *thumbs up to the rest of the comments and winks

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