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  1. this was so good im going crazy ...... i had been Waiting for facials with galo on a leash and this ?????? this was it... ur descriptions were so hot and even the post smut scene was super cute and ic !!! lios frustration was also O___O ("to spit on his dog was another thing entirely" made me actually gasp), thank you so much!!

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    1. Ahhh thank you so much for commenting!!

      Facials + Leashed Galo is so necessary for this life, I'm so grateful for Promare for giving me this opportunity to write lol

      The dog line... I was like "is this too much?? do I delete this???" but it ended up staying in and I'm glad you like it!! Lio's frustration is palpable he's an angry smol but thats why we love him :)

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